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Artistes &




Artistes and Producers put their all into producing excellent music products. They also understand the headaches involved with releasing those products across various platforms. It is virtually impossible to use basic spreadsheets to handle critical metadata – especially with increasing amounts of data generated across the various platforms. 

The Cylia AudioID backOffice for Artistes and Producers solution will collect credits for all persons contributing to a release in one place. It generates easy to read digital assets needed to help promote music products.

The Cylia AudioID backOffice is good and easy record keeping. Our solution adds codes for tracking purposes and managing which codes were used. Users can designate team members to collect and finalize credits. The results are digital assets which support the discovery of your releases in a format that is compatible with the optional services of the Caribbean Music Metadata Archives.

Release and Order your own Data
The Cylia AudioID backOffice uses industry standard formats that easily generate releases data consistent for whichever platform the user chooses to share digital assets.

The categorization available within the Cylia AudioID Backoffice solution also helps users and new fans with their music searches. With all this metadata carefully and accurately categorized, users and new fans can quickly engage with unfamiliar music content, artiste websites or social media contacts. The digital assets also allow for linking and embedding into existing websites, Metadata archive or from the automatically curated discography.

… for Independent Labels & Label Service Providers

It is incredibly easy for an independent label to get music content on streaming platforms. But it is easy to collect all the metadata and structure it so that it is useful to end users and copyright protection agencies? Cylia AudioID can be your small team to get that data captured and structured easily. 

The Cylia AudioID backOffice for Independent Labels & Label Service Providers solution collects and manages your release metadata to ensure accurate capture of metadata. Cylia AudioID also offers upgraded solutions with our Pro- studio and Pro- gear. These solutions allow you to upgrade from a text editor and a basic spreadsheet to manage the details of your music’s value chain because Pro- metadata is now the where the game is being played.

After collecting all release metadata, the Cylia AudioID backOffice generates output required by your preferred distributor. Qualifying entities can use these output to submit release metadata to the National Archive and the Caribbean Music Metadata Archive for additional support aimed at improving the music’s digital footprint in the shortest period of time.

… for Researchers

Accurate and high frequency data to support statements on the evolution of Caribbean music have been difficult obtain.  

The Cylia AudioID backOfffice for Researchers solution can generate customizable data assets for those wanting to analyze Caribbean music data and to develop new data products for their research and technical reports.


… for 

Magazines & Publications


Timely data is crucial to magazines and publications. Researchers for online articles, publications and programs may have access to data which is compiled daily and ahead of chart publications posted at the end of a given week. The Cylia AudioID backOffice for Magazines & Publications solution generates real-time data assets. Timeline driven journalists with hard deadlines can download formatted high frequency data products, saving them time for proofreading and editing. These digital data reports are automated and so they can be generated in a consistent and repeatable manner.

This Cylia AudioID backOffice solution targets radio/tv/livestream/talk-show hosts and podcasters. The reports are easy to generate and are real-time snippets of interesting data about music releases.

… for Promoters

For promoters around the Caribbean, music is the central axis to the event. Monitoring helps audit the music played at your event to show the range content and the catalogues used. Promoters, as facilitators of timely payment to artistes, play a major role in encouraging artistes to produce high quality content. Better music. Better fete. Happy feters. Happy musicians. Happy promoter. Repeat. Understanding and being transparent about where, when and how an artiste’s work is being consumed during an event fosters trust and builds loyalty among all users in the music’s value chain. 

The Cylia AudioID mCylia is a device that automates for pre-recorded content played at clubs, bars, events — and even on music trucks. Cylia AudioID mCylia devices integrates with the Cylia AudioID backOffice for Promoters solution so reports and other data assets can be quickly populated.

Using the Cylia AudioID mCylia devices will require minimum temporary access for a two-person team typically at setup and at the end of an event.

… for Policy & Industry Managers

[bird’s eye industry view].  With its cross-cutting database management, the Cylia AudioID backOffice for Policy & Industry Managers solution can be a repository for industry-wide data that capture the health and growth of Caribbean music. These data are invaluable for developing, assessing and evaluating both existing and new music programs that support various genres and/or the general creative sector.

These data can be particularly useful for identifying and sustaining musical traditions and folklore genres which may not be in the mainstream or in popular music rotations.

This Cylia AudioID backOffice solution can produce reports useful for monitoring the output of music genres, estimate economic activity and contributions, encourage job creation, and highlight industry gaps. Policy makers can provide targeted support for youth and talent development. 
[include general stats about data collected thus far:  no. or artists and producers; number of countries and genres discovered; average number of releases in a range of genres]

The Cylia AudioID backOffice solution

The quality of metadata accompanying releases directly impacts the ability for music content to be discovered, linked to other resources and to be recommended on search engines. Content curators and fans can find interesting facts about music releases — which can cause them dive deeper into catalogues. The availability and completeness of music metadata aids a long-term strategy analyzing all aspects of the music’s value chain.  [supercharge your content]

[connect your team on a single platform]. Artistes and producers in the Caribbean increasingly collaborate across international boundaries.  Every stakeholder in the music industry needs better tools to work more effectively – reduce the back and forth. Data can help stakeholders generate more music and more projects. 

Simply put, accurate music metadata facilitates music creativity in the digital age.

[generate metadata for release]   

…elaborate…[submit to archive if desired]

Music technology solutions developed in the Caribbean. For the Caribbean.

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Existing Features:
  1. Manage your ISRCs
  2. Collect release information – metadata – in preparation for release
  3. Export to desired format for backup or transfer (Xcel, CSV, coming soon: generate ERN for single resource)

Future features:

  1. Collect information about contributors in real time 
  2. Generate summary information for verification, for receipt for distribution among contributors for acknowledgement
  3. Access service providers within the application

Artistes &

Independent Labels & Label Service Providers


Magazines & Publications 


Policy & Industry Managers