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Data Collection tools for traditional and emerging genres.

Cylia AudioID is a network of hardware and software gathering knowledge of how many times, when and where content originating from the Caribbean is played. Our tools provide a critical measurement system for often neglected traditional and emerging music genres.

Cylia AudioID aims to address the unending need for data to assist our creatives – Artistes, Producers and content owners – and the Creative Industry whose content is consumed across the Caribbean’s festivals, parties, traditional radio stations, music tricks and, in the future, an increasing number of streaming services.

The system was developed in the Caribbean isle of Trinidad and Tobago and provides a cost-effective alternative for the monitoring of Caribbean content.  Cylia AudioID makes data available to the Creative Industry from music aficionados, to Collective Management Organizations (CMO’s), to rights owners or DJs and content curators.

Event and Music Truck coverage

How we can count songs played at events?  At events, our proprietary audio identification device, mCylia, is connected to the main sound system and our proprietary software analyzes the audio in real-time to enable matching of songs in our databases.
Different versions of the mCylia devices are used at the various types of events where recorded music is played – parties/ fetes, clubs, bars.  There is even one specific to music trucks!

Streaming platforms

Content created from the Caribbean are carried to all corners of the world via streaming platforms.  Savvy content owners know how to access their individual data however the inclusion and availability of aggregate data from these platforms is essential to improving all the emerging genres from the Caribbean.  This is part of our mission.

Caribbean Music Metadata Archive

The Caribbean Music Metadata Archive, supported by a dedicated data-collection function, provides Caribbean music Artistes, Producers and content owners a foundation and tools to confidently create and release optimized content.

The Caribbean Music Metadata Archive is the missing block within the Caribbean music industry and is taking on The mission to identify and archive all music ‘releases’ originating from the Caribbean.  

Impossible? Probably … but it is a necessary mission to support the growth of the Caribbean music industries.  This may seem to overlap with activities of other established agencies but the Caribbean music industry requires a well equipped, technologically-driven entity dedicated to curating (and monitoring) content from both Caribbean creatives and specifically, the genres of the Caribbean.


 As an Artiste or Rights Owner, the combination will increase your digital footprint a.k.a discoverability to give a fighting chance amongst the millions of daily uploads to the Streaming platforms.  Merely tracking content is not enough in this age of digital marketing.  The archivist engine generates a range of resources which many Artistes, Producers and Rights Owners may not even know they needed. For example, support for webpage with ‘discography’ to guide curious persons to other released content.  These resources are the new tools needed to allow the releases you’ve worked hard to create get the best chance of airtime. 

Local perspective with global outlook

Curation of the data is focused on regional genres guided by content owners and locals to encourage archiving of locally relevant information.  At the same time, data is organized to connect to others using industry-standard techniques based on DDEX.  Use of global standards allow communication with other metadata stores as necessary. e.g. details for nominations and details needed by content curators. This means local entities will have control of what data is relevant, important and should be stored. This is more potent for small economies where local customs may seem to be diluted amongst the millions of releases on the various platforms.

Caribbean Corporate Citizen

Did we mention that all software and hardware was developed in Trinidad and Tobago? and For the Caribbean?

We aim to engage local software developers in all aspects going forward.

Secondly, as a solution designed for the Caribbean and implemented within the Caribbean: there is no longer a need to send your data halfway across the world to servers outside of our control.

Our in-house technical capability removes the reliance on third parties to develop applications We need.

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Generate Next-level Metadata

Software for Independent Labels and Label Service Providers

Just got your ISRCs?  And still using a basic spreadsheet?  “come nah mannnnnnn”

Quality metadata, in this digital age, must accompany releases to unlock capabilities which allow content to be found by search engines, voice assistants or within recommendations.  Supercharge your releases by improving the breadth of details for your releases.

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