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About Cylia AudioID

Our Mission

Music is intellectual property. It is work attributable to every person involved — from songwriter(s), to the singers, and to musicians. It is also attributable to persons involved in the music’s release. Music releases today are tagged with information called music metadata. This music metadata contains the song file, the artiste’s name, producer(s), writer(s), song title, and even release date. Music metadata is fundamental to protecting the intellectual property of musicians and music owners regardless of how the music is obtained and curated. The more detailed the music metadata, the easier is it to collect and distribute music royalties. 

At Cylia AudioID, we believe that music stakeholders within the Caribbean should have opportunities to maximize the use of their music metadata. At Cylia AudioID, we are committed to:

(i) Developing a robust technological infrastructure to collect and store music metadata.

(ii) Constructing real-time digestible views of music metadata. 

Our solutions will equip each country within the Caribbean the capacity to monitor its own local content and benefit from the expansion of the music industry across the Caribbean region.

About Cylia AudioID


Cylia AudioID has proprietary data collection, data storage, data processing and data analyzing techniques tailored for how music is consumed In the Caribbean.

Music technology solutions developed in the Caribbean. For the Caribbean.

As music consumption evolves at a rapid rate, led by traditional streaming and non-DSP streaming, we are constantly looking for talent. We are currently focused on strengthening our technology infrastructure to support and manage the unique ways in which Caribbean music is consumed. We look forward to meeting team players who can contribute during this period of growth.